Sunday, 4 September 2016

Original Nandhi

Most of the people think that the nandhi present in the Thanjavur big temple is considered to be the original Nandhi that was placed by Raja Raja Chola. Unfortunately NO!

At the top the pyramid is reduced into a neck and holds the Vimana or Sikhara which is a monolithic huge rock spherical in shape. Its approximate weight is 81.28 tones.

 Above the Vimana is the shining Kalasam (bowl) made up of gold is seen whose height is 12 feet and was originally presented by Rajaraja-I. At the top of the pyramid above the 13th stage 8 nandhis are seen on corners.

Before keeping it over there, a sample was made. Even Today you can see the sample nandhi in the temple complex. 

It was chiseled by kunja mallar (Raja Raja I's favorite chiseler) himself.  

Present day worshiped nandhi is below (donated by Nayakas)