Sunday, 28 August 2016

Experience Foot Trail

  First of all we welcome proudly,you, to our authentic city, where our predecessors built a world heritage center a thousand years back. Really astonishing!

The aim of this, is, we are eagerly waiting to see our pride temple city through your eyes. Though we work in IT companies that are far away from our home-town, our satisfaction really lies in meeting so many travelers from all over the world and explaining self glorification that had been accomplished long long ago.

We are relatively new to tourism in Thanjavur and hope that we can expand on the free tour concept. Tips to our guides are welcome ,but there will be no pressure to tip. We have faith in quality tours and we strongly believe that we have something to offer everyone .No matter about the budget, because all of us are childhood friends.

We are to launch our walking tour, next week. So please await our further details which will be shared now and then.

This is apt time, for tour in South Tamilnadu, which is travelers paradise especially for those interested in ancestral history.